It's all in an idea…

SheShaped is the passion project of Amber Chook and Douglas Busacker. The two of them met in 2015 and quickly realized their mutual enthusiasm for personal growth and empowering others. Established in the spirit of collaboration and education, SheShaped aspires to create a global community that celebrates and empowers women from all industries. Through events, women and men connect with like-minded allies, share actionable advice, and seek novel solutions to crucial issues.  

Amber Chook

Amber Chook is the Public Relations Manager of SwissBorg Japan, a blockchain-powered wealth management platform established in Switzerland. In 2015, she founded TEDxRoppongi with the mission of encouraging social innovation. Through designing TED-like experiences, Amber embraced her passion of creating experiences that help people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Amber has since created empowering experiences for global women's initiatives: Girls20, a G20 style program to cultivate a new generation of female leaders and increase female labor force participation worldwide; Womenwill, a Google initiative to create economic opportunity for women everywhere and help transform ways of working to make workplace practices more inclusive; The Busy Woman Project, a fitness platform from Singapore to empower busy women living in Asia through mental, physical, and emotional health to lead more fulfilled lives; and, now, SheShaped, an undertaking aimed at creating a global community of collaboration that celebrates and empowers women from all industries.

Douglas Busacker

Douglas Busacker is the Academic Director of Tokyo Academics, an organization of experts who are deeply passionate about helping students meet their potential and capture the opportunities of the future. For over a decade, Douglas has worked to improve a variety of learning experiences: those for his students, those delivered by the teachers he trains, and those attained through curriculum and educational programs. Though SheShaped, he aspires to support the global community of growth-focused women in a way that aligns with his personal mission: “To persist toward harmony and mastery for the betterment of myself, of others, and of our world.”

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